Rational Food

Rational Food has its facilities in a former farm where a small team of people, in 1988, began to develop high quality menus for banquets and receptions from its own kitchens.

Having in excess of 15 years experience working in vacuum packed food technology, utilising pasteurization and packaging in a controlled atmosphere.

The company decided in 2006, to dedicate itself exclusively to develop sterilised catering products for external clients, under de brand names of Rational Foodand El Viejo Huerto.

In 2007, the brandmark La Viandera was born to satisfy the emerging demand for high-quality food that new lifestyles and pace were creating.

Nowadays, we have the technology to cook, on an industrial scale, a selection of freshly prepared natural meals, which have traditionally formed part of the Mediterranean Diet.

They retain their original flavour, texture, colour, aroma, homogeneity, etc. following the traditional cooking methods of spanish homemade dishes.





The mission of Rational Food is to bring simplicity, to allow ease in the management of our client's kitchens, whether they are professional caterers or individual kitchens. We facilitate the provision of all kinds of ready- to- eat dishes, which will allow consumers to enjoy the most traditional and healthy Mediterranean cuisine at an affordable price.




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